The Boys Are Kissing

The Boys are Kissing Tickets

The Boys are Kissing
Tuesday 17 January 2023 to Saturday 4 February 2023
Venue: Theatre 503, 503 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 3BW

A high camp comedy about angelic intervention, children’s birthday parties gone sour, and whether it ever really is “just about the children”, The Boys are Kissing is written by 503Five 2019-20 alumni Zak Zarafshan, and directed by Theatre503’s Artistic Director, Lisa Spirling.

When two 9-year-old boys kiss in the school playground of a small town, two sets of parents are told to ‘do something about it’ – but neither of them are entirely sure what.

Amira is sending inclusive children’s books to the school library, whilst her wife Alice dreams of a kitchen island. Sarah is trying her best not to upset Leanne and the Mum WhatsApp group, and her husband Pete just really wants to do the right thing – as soon as he can work out what that is. Luckily, here to guide our helpless humans are two cherubic winged guardians of the gays, summonsed to attend to a disturbance in the queer atmos and intervene only where strictly necessary… but where’s the fun in being an ethereal being if you can’t drop in and cause a scene wearing latex?

The Boys are Kissing runs from 17 January to 4 February 2023 at Theatre 503 in Battersea.

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📷 Main photo: The Boys Are Kissing

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