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Only Fans to SkipTok: Gymbox launches unique line-up of classes throughout Winter

Today, London’s boldest gym chain, Gymbox has announced the brand-new timetable of creative classes coming to clubs this Winter.

Take your performance to the next level with ‘Only Fans’. With its enticing routines and feathered fans, Gymbox’s new dance class in partnership with Only Fans, looks to seduce members in a world of new-found camera-ready confidence. Teaching the fundamentals of burlesque dance, members will step into the dimly-lit boudoir atmosphere of the studio to learn routines that they’ll want to share with the world. Starting with an intro to the artform of theatre jazz, the performance-based class will share steps and fan choreography with the group, before finishing up in an individual routine. The class will be supported by video tutorials where Gymbox instructors upload their performances as well as share their skills, tips and tricks on the official Gymbox Only Fans account.

For those looking to explore their ability to perform, the class is available to book now on Thursdays (8pm) and Saturdays (2pm) only in Gymbox Stratford.

Next up, it’s the craze that sent TikTok wild – Gymbox is taking on the challenge of reversing the skipping skills social trend by bringing the discipline to its studios. ‘SkipTok’ is a high intensity, sweaty class packed with skills, tricks and plenty of fun. Building the fundamental skipping disciplines to the beat of viral music, members can learn all the moves that made their favourite content creators go global. With limited edition Gymbox-design kit from Dope Ropes dished out in studio and available to buy, members will put what they pick up into practice with a routine they can continue to work on at home – sharing their progress on TikTok and tagging Gymbox’s official account.

Alternatively, Gymbox has lifted the bar with its strength training, offering a new class concept to improve members’ explosive power, strength, and mobility. ‘Recoil’ uses ‘landmine’ exercise equipment in class format – a weighted barbell slotted into a post that can pivot and turn 360-degrees. With the weight removed from the body, the landmine offers the ability to press, row, squat and rotate for a full body workout where all movement comes from the spine. ‘Coil’- the main movement in class – involves tightening one side of the body with obliques and lats. It’s in the ‘Recoil’ that members make the motion to be able to add the explosive power and force. From the impact it has on abs and obliques to the vast range of mobility it offers; Recoil is the versatile workout you won’t want to shy away from.

And taking human movement back to where it all began, ‘Crunning’ is possibly the most fun members will have on all fours. To help those sat at their desks for prolonged periods of time, the class challenges member’s inner creativity, involving quadrupedal movement which sits between running and crawling. Members will link movements together, creating different sequences. Pure primal movement is used to improve posture and strength from the desk-based doom of modern life.

“In true Gymbox fashion, the change of seasons means a new timetable of classes and we’re back with some of our most thrilling workouts yet. Whether it’s ‘Only Fan’s’ our new feather fan burlesque class, ‘SkipTok’ IRL skipping tutorials, or ‘Crunning’ taking human movement back to where it all began, we’ve got something to entice you into our clubs and keep you moving.” says Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Studio Director for Gymbox.

Memberships start from just £84 for 12 months or £105 per month to pay-as-you-go and gives you access to any of Gymbox’s eleven sites across London and unlimited classes on the Out the Box digital platform.

And if a full gym membership isn’t your thing, you can still find a whole host of weird and wonderful classes you can do from home using Gymbox’s ‘out the box’ platform from only £10 a month.

You can sign up here.

Only Fans
Explore your ability to perform…
Exploring feather fan routines, building confidence and body awareness, get ready to be seduced by one of jazz theatre’s most flamboyant art forms. Hooking you up to our exclusive Only Fans tutorials, we’ll show you how to make love to the camera… as you totally feel yourself.
Available to book now only in Stratford.

Put your social media skills to use…
Jump on the skipping trend with expert tips and techniques in our IRL studios. Learning intensely sweaty routines set to challenge-worthy tunes, take your taggable tricks online after class with our TikTok tutorials. Think cardiovascular workouts… but make it viral.
Available to book now only in Bank, Covent Garden, Farringdon, Old Street, Westfield London, Stratford, Elephant & Castle, Victoria, Holborn, and Ealing.

Challenge your strength…
If you’ve been looking to mix up your Olympic lifting, you’ve landed in the right place. Introducing a rotational twist on popular clean, jerk and snatch movements, Recoil uses landmine training to bring some spring to your spinal engine of movement – obliterating obliques and working that core.
Available to book now only in Bank, Farringdon, Old Street, Victoria, and Ealing.

Get down low…
Taking human movement back to where it all began, Crunning’s possibly the most fun you’ll have all fours. If you think it sounds like a cross between crawling and running… it’s cos that’s what it is. Pure primal movement to improve your posture and strength from the desk-based doom of modern life.
Available to book now only in Farrington and Ealing.

📷 Main photo: Gymbox

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