London Gay History – Links and More

A list of books and web links relating to London’s fascinating history as a gay city.

London is a city rich in history, and that goes double for London’s gay history. Centuries of men and women have loved and lusted after each other in same sex relationships, even when society – and the law – was against them.

See below for an ever-growing list of books, both old and new, that reveal some of the fascinating stories about queer London life.

The LGBT Library: A brilliant resource listing key books, films, footage, speeches and more (their main presence is on Instagram)

Gay History & Literature: An incredible range of essays and books by Rictor Norton – all of it free to read

Bishopsgate Institute – LGBTQ Archives: The Bishopsgate Institute is custodian to a huge collection of LGBTQ+ history, including the vast Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive, and archives from Stonewall, Switchboard, GMFA/The Gay Men’s Health Charity, Outrage!, the Terrence Higgins Trust, Achilles Heel and QX magazine. You can drop in to take a look, or see their website for further resources and information on queer history

Timeline of London Gay Bars and Clubs: A Fascinating run-down of London’s LGBTQ history through its bars and clubs, courtesy of the LGBT Archive

The National Archives: Britain’s National Archives provide extensive resources for researching LGBTQ+ life in the UK over the centuries, especially the Twentieth Century. You’ll find police maps of Hyde Park cottages from the 1950s, photos of 1930s gay haunts in London, and more!

With Love: A National Archives collection that includes a number of queer voices. The National Archive also have a guide on how to find and research sexuality and gender identity history within with archives

LGBT+ History Month: The website for the UK’s LGBT+ History month, which continues to grow year-on-year, with February marshalling a wealth of organisations to present a queer view on the past. There are also events running all year

Celebrity Culture Club: An eclectic mix of talks and essays, some of which cover queer themes

London Gay Liberation Front: Archive and campaigning for this historic group of people

English Heritage: A collection of stories and features that run across their archives, and touch on the places in the English Heritage portfolio of properties; English Heritage also run the Blue Plaques scheme

Historic England – Pride of Place: Uncovers and celebrates places of LGBTQ heritage across England. Beautifully curated, and tons of material to explore.

British Library: Their LGBTQ Histories collection covers a lot of ground (from the 1500s onwards!) but could reach much further given the size and scale of the material they have access to. Still, it runs from Britain’s first lesbian magazine, to queer life in London and even manages to get Armistead Maupin in there LGBT History: TV’s History Channel (Sky History in the UK) has a decent collection of materials and articles on its website, mainly US focused, covering a diverse range of queer topics

National Portrait Gallery: It’s a bit thin given their vast range of materials, but NPG round-up some LGBTQ-themed collections. Rictor Norton has also written a brilliant article on ‘A Gay heritage guide to the National Portrait Gallery

Museum of London: Pools together its LGBTQ-themed London history resources through a number of articles and guides

UCL – LGBT+ History Month: A very neat collection of links to further resources, as recommended by staff and students at University College London

Gays The Word: An absolute institution and one of the world’s oldest and most loved gay bookshops. A treasure trove for books on LGBTQ+ history

Queer Music History: A special project of the Queer Music Heritage website and podcast

Queer Welsh Stories: An array of profiles of famous queers including London theatrical super-producer Binkie Beaumont and transgender trailblazer April Ashley and musical maestro Ivor Novello; not easy to navigate but you can’t have everything

England’s LGBTQ Heritage – Pride of Place: An amazing map pinpointing past and present London queer history

Gay in the 80s: A brilliant blog by Colin Clews that covers UK gay rights, activism and the scene in the 1980s, including London. There’s a lovely piece on The Bell gay pub in King’s Cross. Colin has also published a book – Gay in the 80s: From Fighting Our Rights to Fighting for Our Lives

Queer Britain: A fantastic initiative aiming to create Britain’s first permanent LGBTQ+ museum. One the site are interesting online interviews and seminars and resources about gay history in the UK

QX Magazine: A nice round-up of their – and our – gay history

Manchester Central Library – including their LGBT Archives at the Central library

Glasgow Women’s Library, The Lesbian Archive

London Metropolitan Archives – including their LGBT archives

British Film Institute – Sandi Hughes film archive of gay and lesbian life in Liverpool

LSE Women’s Library – and also the London School of Economics Library LGBT Archive

Old Bailey Online – is a fascinating resource covering the many crimes that LGBTQ+ people were subjected to over the centuries. Needless-to-say there is lots on Oscar Wilde, but also a casual search on “sodomy” throws up an array of trials and cases, such as the case of John Dicks

Islington Museum – who hold the collection of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell’s famous book covers

Queer Film & TV History

Playing Gay in the golden age of British TV by Stephen Bourne: A great book, includes lost classic TV  such as “Only Connect”

BFI – LGBT Britain: The British Film Institute (BFI) has an amazing collection of free-to-watch shorts, TV dramas and documentaries covering LGBTQ+ life in Britain across the ages

Not in Front of the Viewers: A brilliant essay by Stephen Bourne about British TV and how gay men were portrayed

LGBTQ+ at the BBC: A cool history at the UK public service broadcaster, warts and all! Nice to see the BBC2 TV play “Only Connect” by Noel Greig and Drew Griffiths mentioned in there

Queer History Podcasts

Archive on 4 – Mr Lucas’s Diaries: A fascinating radio show about George Lucas, who spent almost 70 years paying for sex. An unremarkable man, he led a remarkable life. His life as a gay man on the margins of straight society was spent at the heart of queer Britain from the 1940s onwards. But not so much the bars and private clubs. His world was more in the twilight: the public lavatories, the late-night parks and beach promenades.

Making Gay History – a great podcast covering LGBTQ history through conversations with champions, heroes and witnesses

Queer as Fact – queer history podcast covering US and the world

University of Oxford LGBT History Lectures

History is Gay – covering a wide range of subjects

The Log Books – each episode of this fascinating, moving podcast centres around log book entries made by the volunteers of the UK’s Gay Switchboard who staffed the phones from the charity’s very first day in the 70’s. A revealing look at LGBTQ+ life in Britain.

Queer News Resources

QueerAF – independent news about the global queer community with an indispensable weekly newsletter

Pink News – Successful news site covering queer news from the UK and around the world

Gay Times – The UK’s longest-running queer magazine

Attitude – Quality monthly LGBTQ+ magazine

Queer London History Books

This is clearly not a definitive list, but is a great start!

Ackroyd, P., Dressing up, Transvestism and Drag: The History of an Obsession (London, 1979)

Ackroyd, P., Queer City: Gay London from the Romans to the Present Day (London, 2017)

Aldrich, R. (ed.), Gay Life and Culture: A World History (London, 2006)

Altman, D. (ed.), Homosexuality, which homosexuality? (Amsterdam, 1989)

Andreadis, A. H., Sappho in Early Modern England: Female Same-Sex Literary Erotics, 1550–1714 (Chicago, 2001)

Andrei, C., Transgender Underground: London & the Third Sex (London, 2002)

Anon, Hell upon Earth: Or the Town in an Uproar. Occasion’d by the Late Horrible Scenes of Forgery, Perjury, Street-robbery, Murder, Sodomy, and other Shocking Impieties … (London, 1729)

Anon, Select Trials, for Murders, Robberies, Rapes, Sodomy, Coining, Frauds, and other offences at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bailey … (London, 1742)

Arnold, C., City of Sin: London and its Vices (London, 2010)

Aronson, T., Prince Eddy and the Homosexual Underworld (London, 1994)

Bailey, D. S., Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition (London, 1955)

Barker, M., Queer: A Graphic History (London 2016)

Bartlett, N., Who was that Man? A Present for Mr. Oscar Wilde (London, 1988)

Beckford, W., Life at Fonthill, 1807–1822 (Stroud, 2006)

Bell, D., & Valentine, G., Mapping Desire: Geographies of Sexualities (London, 1995)

Bellamy, J. G., Crime and Public Order in England in the Later Middle Ages (London, 1973)

Bergeron, D. M., King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire (Iowa, 1999)

Betteridge, T. (ed.), Sodomy in Early Modern Europe (Manchester, 2002)

Bly, M., Queer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage (Oxford, 2000)

Borris, K., Same-Sex Desire in the English Renaissance: A Sourcebook of Texts, 1470–1650 (New York, 2003)

Boswell, J., Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century (Chicago, 1980)

Boswell, J., The Marriage of Likeness: Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe (London, 1995)

Boucé, P-G. (ed.), Sexuality in eighteenth-century Britain (Manchester, 1982)

Brady, S., Masculinity and Male Homosexuality in Britain, 1861–1913 (New York, 2005)

Bray, A., Homosexuality in Renaissance England (London, 1982)

Bray, A., The Friend (Chicago, 2003) Bredbeck, G. W., Sodomy and Interpretation: Marlowe to Milton (Ithaca, 1991)

Bromley, J. M., & Stockton, W. (eds), Sex Before Sex: Figuring the Act in Early Modern England (Minneapolis, 2013)

Brown, J., Trapped: Living with Gender Dysphoria (Milton Keynes, 2008)

Bullough, V. L., Sexual Variance in Society and History (New York, 1976)

Bullough, V. L., & Brundage, J. A. (eds), Handbook of Medieval Sexuality (New York, 1996)

Burford, E. J., The Orrible Synne: A Look at London Lechery from Roman to Cromwellian times (London, 1973)

Burke, T., The London Spy: A Book of Town Travels (London, 1922)

Chaplais, P., Piers Gaveston: Edward II’s Adoptive Brother (Oxford, 1994)

Clark, D., Between Medieval Men: Male Friendship and Desire in Early Medieval English Literature (Oxford, 2013)

Clews, Colin, Gay in the 80s: From Fighting Our Rights to Fighting for Our Lives (2017)

Cocks, H., Nameless Offences: Homosexual Desire in the 19th Century (London, 2003)

Cocks, H., & Houlbrook, M. (eds), Palgrave Advances in the Modern History of Sexuality (Basingstoke, 2006)

Cohen, E., Talk on the Wilde Side: Towards a Genealogy of a Discourse on Male Sexualities (New York, 1993)

Cohen, J. J., & Wheeler, B. (eds), Becoming Male in the Middle Ages (New York, 1997)

Cook, M., London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885–1914 (Cambridge, 2003)

Cook, M., Queer Domesticities: Homosexuality and Home Life in Twentieth-Century London (Basingstoke, 2014)

Cook, M., Cocks, H., Mills, R., & Trumbach, R. (eds), A Gay History of Britain: Love and Sex between Men since the Middle Ages (Oxford, 2007)

Cox, D., The Street of Wonderful Possibilities: Whistler, Wilde & Sargent in Tite Street (London, 2015)

Crabb, J., (ed.), Decadence: A Literary Anthology (London 2016)

Crawford, K., European Sexualities, 1400–1800 (Cambridge, 2007)

Crisp, Q., The Naked Civil Servant (London, 1977)

Crompton, L., Byron and Greek love: Homophobia in 19th-century England (London, 1985)

Crompton, L., Homosexuality and Civilization (Cambridge, MA, 2003)

Cruickshank, D., The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital (London, 2009)

Davenport-Hines, R. P. T., Sex, Death and Punishment: Attitudes to Sex and Sexuality in Britain Since the Renaissance (London, 1990)

David, H., On Queer Street: A Social History of British Homosexuality, 1895–1995 (London, 1997)

Dekker, R., & Pol, L. van de, The Tradition of Female Transvestism in Early Modern Europe (Basingstoke, 1989)

Dellamora, R., Victorian Sexual Dissidence (Chicago, 1999)

Dinshaw, C., Getting Medieval: Sexualities and Communities, Pre-and Postmodern (Durham, NC, 1999)

DiPiero, T., & Gill, P. (eds), Illicit Sex: Identity Politics in Early Modern Culture (Athens, GA, 1996)

Doan, L. L., Fashioning Sapphism: The Origins of a Modern English Lesbian Culture (New York, 2001)

Donoghue, E. (ed.), Passions Between Women (London, 2014)

Duberman, M. B., Vicinus, M., & Chauncey, G., Hidden from History: Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past (London, 1991)

Ekins, R., & King, D., The Transgender Phenomenon (London, 2006)

Ellis, H., Studies in the Psychology of Sex (Vol. II): Sexual Inversion (Philadelphia, 1921)

Epstein, J., & Straub, K. (eds), Body Guards: The Cultural Politics of Gender Ambiguity (New York, 1991)

Faderman, L., Surpassing the Love of Men: Romantic Friendship and Love between Women from the Renaissance to the Present (London, 1985)

Farnham, M., & Marshall, P., Walking after Midnight: Gay Men’s Life Stories (London, 1989)

Fielding, H., The Female Husband: Or, the Surprising History of Mrs. Mary, Alias Mr. George Hamilton, who was Convicted of having Married a Young Woman of Wells and Lived with her as her Husband. Taken from her own Mouth since her Confinement (London, 1746)

Fletcher, A., Gender, Sex and Subordination in England, 1500–1800 (New Haven, 1995)

Forster, E. M., Maurice (London, 1971) Foucault, M., The History of Sexuality, 3 volumes (Harmondsworth, 1990)

Fradenburg, L. O. A., & Freccero, C., (eds), Premodern Sexualities (New York, 1996)

Frantzen, A. J., Before the Closet: Same-Sex Love from Beowulf to Angels in America (Chicago, 1998)

Garton, S., Histories of Sexuality (London, 2004)

Gerard, K., & Hekma, G., The Pursuit of Sodomy: Male Homosexuality in Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe (New York, 1989)

Goldberg, J., Sodometries: Renaissance Texts, Modern Sexualities (Stanford, 1992)

Goldberg, J. (ed.), Queering the Renaissance Renaissance (Durham, NC, 1994)

Goldberg, J. (ed.), Reclaiming Sodom (New York, 1994)

Goldsmith, N. M., The Worst of Crimes: Homosexuality and the Law in Eighteenth-century London (Aldershot, 1998)

Goodich, M., The Unmentionable Vice: Homosexuality in the Later Medieval Period (Santa Barbara, 1979)

Greenberg, D. F., The Construction of Homosexuality (Chicago, 1988)

Hadley, D. M., Masculinity in Medieval Europe (London, 1999)

Haggerty, G. E., Men in Love: Masculinity and Sexuality in the Eighteenth Century (New York, 1999)

Haggerty, G. E., Queer Gothic (Urbana, 2006)

Hall, R., The Well of Loneliness (London, 1973)

Hallam, P., The Book of Sodom (London, 1993)

Halperin, D. M., One Hundred Years of Homosexuality: And Other Essays on Greek Love (New York, 1990)

Halsband, R., Lord Hervey; Eighteenth-Century Courtier (Oxford, 1973)

Hammond, P., Figuring Sex between Men from Shakespeare to Rochester (Oxford, 2002)

Harris, M., The Dilly Boys: Male Prostitution in Piccadilly (London, 1973)

Harrison, M., The London That Was Rome (London, 1971)

Harvey, A. D., Sex in Georgian England: Attitudes and Prejudices from the 1720s to the 1820s (London, 1994)

Heaphy, B., Smart, C., & Einarsdottir, A., Same Sex Marriages: New Generations, New Relationships (Basingstoke, 2013)

Herdt, G. H., Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History (New York, 1994)

Hergemöller, B-U., & Phillips, J., Sodom and Gomorrah: On the Everyday Reality and Persecution of Homosexuals in the Middle Ages (London, 2001)

Herrup, C. B., A House in Gross Disorder: Sex, Law, and the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven (New York, 1999)

Higgins, P., Heterosexual Dictatorship: Male Homosexuality in Postwar Britain (London, 1996)

Higgs, D. (ed.), Queer Sites: Gay Urban Histories since 1600 (London, 1999)

Hitchcock, T., English Sexualities, 1700–1800 (Basingstoke, 1997)

Hitchcock, T., & Cohen, M. (ed.), English Masculinities, 1660–1800 (London, 1999)

Holloway, R., The Phoenix of Sodom (Portsmouth, 2011)

Houlbrook, M., Queer London: Perils and Pleasures in the Sexual Metropolis, 1918–1957 (Chicago, 2005)

Hyde, H. M., The Other Love: An Historical and Contemporary Survey of Homosexuality in Britain (London, 1970)

Hyde, H. M., The Cleveland Street Scandal (London, 1976)

Janes, D., Picturing the Closet: Male Secrecy and Homosexual Visibility in Britain (Oxford, 2015)

Jennings, R., A Lesbian History of Britain: Love and Sex between Women since 1500 (Oxford, 2007)

Jordan, M. D., The Invention of Sodomy in Christian Theology (Chicago, 1997)

Kaplan, M. B., Sodom on the Thames: Sex, Love, and Scandal in Wilde Times (Ithaca, 2005)

Keiser, E. B., Courtly Desire and Medieval Homophobia: The Legitimation of Sexual Pleasure in Cleanness and its Contexts (New Haven, 1997)

Kellow, C., The Victorian Underworld (Harmondsworth, 1972)

Ketton-Cremer, R. W., Thomas Gray: A Biography (Cambridge, 1955)

Kheraj, Alim, Queer London: A Guide to the City’s LGBTQ+ Past and Present (ACC Art Books, 2021)

King, T. A., The Gendering of Men, 1600–1750, Volume 1: The English Phallus (Madison, 2004)

Koven, S., Slumming: Sexual and Social Politics in Victorian London (Princeton, 2004)

Laslett, P., The World we have Lost (London, 1965)

Lewis, B. (ed.), British Queer History: New Approaches and Perspectives (Manchester, 2013)

Linnane, F., London: The Wicked City: A Thousand Years of Vice in the Capital (London, 2003)

Maccubbin, R. P. (ed.), ’Tis Nature’s Fault: Unauthorized Sexuality during the Enlightenment (Cambridge, 1987)

McCormick, I. (ed.), Secret Sexualities: A Sourcebook of 17th and 18th Century Writing (London, 1997)

McKenna, N., The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde (London, 2003)

McKenna, N., Fanny and Stella: The Young Men who Shocked Victorian England (London, 2013)

Mayne, X., Intersexes: a History of Similisexualism As a Problem in Social Life (Geneva, c. 1909)

Miller, N., Out of the Past: Gay and Lesbian History from 1869 to the Present (London, 1995)

Mounsey, C., Presenting Gender: Changing Sex in Early-Modern Culture (Lewisburg, PA, 2001)

Mounsey, C., & Gonda, C. (eds), Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality, 1700–1800 (Lewisburg, PA, 2007)

Murray, J., Conflicted Identities and Multiple Masculinities: Men in the Medieval West (New York, 1999)

Murray, J., & Eisenbichler, K. (eds), Desire and Discipline: Sex and Sexuality in the Premodern West (Toronto, 1996)

Naphy, W. G., Born to be Gay: A History of Homosexuality (Stroud, 2004)

Norton, R., Mother Clap’s Molly House: The Gay Subculture in England 1700–1830 (London, 1992)

Norton, R., The Myth of the Modern Homosexual: Queer History and the Search for Cultural Unity (London, 1997)

Norton, R., Gay History and Literature (London, 2016)

Norton, R. (ed.), Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England: A Sourcebook (London, 2016)

O’Donnell, K., & O’Rourke, M. (eds), Love, Sex, Intimacy, and Friendship between Men, 1550–1800 (Basingstoke, 2003)

Oram, A., & Turnbull, A. (eds), The Lesbian History Sourcebook: Love and Sex between Women in Britain from 1780 to 1970 (London, 2001)

Orgel, S., Impersonations: The Performance of Gender in Shakespeare’s England (Cambridge, 1996)

Orton, J., The Orton Diaries: Including the Correspondence of Edna Welthorpe and Others (Lahr, J., ed.) (London, 1986)

Pasternack, C. B., & Weston, L. M. (eds), Sex and Sexuality in Anglo-Saxon England: Essays in Memory of Daniel Gillmore Calder (Tempe, AZ, 2004)

Payer, P. J., Sex and the Penitentials: The Development of a Sexual Code, 550–1150 (Toronto, 1984)

Peakman, J., Lascivious Bodies: A Sexual History of the Eighteenth Century (London, 2004)

Phillips, K. M., & Reay, B., Sexualities in History: A Reader (New York, 2002)

Phillips, K. M., & Reay, B., Sex Before Sexuality: A Premodern History (Cambridge, 2011)

Plummer, K. (ed.), The Making of the Modern Homosexual (London, 1981)

Porter, K., & Weeks, J. (eds), Between the Acts: Lives of Homosexual Men 1885–1967 (London, 1991)

Porter, R., & Rousseau, G. S. (eds), Sexual Underworlds of the Enlightenment (Manchester, 1987)

Pry, Paul, For Your Convenience (London 1937, reprinted 2019)

Quinn, P. A., Better than the Sons of Kings: Boys and Monks in the Early Middle Ages (New York, 1989)

Raitt, S. (ed.), Volcanoes and Pearl Divers: Essays in Lesbian Feminist Studies (London, 1995)

Reade, B. (ed.), Sexual Heretics: Male Homosexuality in English Literature from 1850 to 1900: An Anthology (London, 1970)

Render, R. (ed.), A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Charlotte Clarke (London, 1999)

Robb, G., & Erber, N., (eds), Disorder in the Court: Trials and Sexual Conflict at the Turn of the Century (Basingstoke, 1999)

Robinson, P., The Changing World of Gay Men (Basingstoke, 2008)

Rocke, M., Forbidden Friendships: Homosexuality and Male Culture in Renaissance Florence (New York, 1996)

Rossiaud, J., & Cochrane, L. G., Medieval Prostitution (Oxford, 1988)

Rowland, J. T., ‘Swords in myrtle dress’d’: Towards a Rhetoric of Sodom: Gay Readings of Homosexual Politics and Poetics in the Eighteenth Century (Madison, 1998)

Sedgwick, E. K., Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire (New York, 1985)

Simpson, C., Chester, L., & Leitch, D., The Cleveland Street Affair (London, 1977)

Sinfield, A., The Wilde Century: Effeminacy, Oscar Wilde and the Queer Moment (London, 1994)

Smith, B. R., Homosexual Desire in Shakespeare’s England: A Cultural Poetics (Chicago, 1991)

Spencer, C., Homosexuality: A History (London, 1995)

Stearns, P. N., Sexuality in World History (London, 2009)

Steele, E., The Memoirs of Mrs Sophia Baddeley, Late of Drury Lane Theatre (London, 1787)

Steele, V., A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk (New Haven, 2013)

Stewart, A., Close Readers: Humanism and Sodomy in Early Modern England (Princeton, 1997)

Summers, C. J. (ed.), Homosexuality in Renaissance and Enlightenment England: Literary Representation in Historical Context (New York, 1992)

Summerskill, C., Gateway to Heaven: Fifty Years of Lesbian and Gay Oral History (London, 2013)

Todd, J., The Secret Life of Aphra Behn (London, 1996)

Toulalan, S., Imagining Sex: Pornography and Bodies in Seventeenth-Century England (Oxford, 2007)

Trumbach, R., Sex and the Gender Revolution (Chicago, 1998)

Vicinus, M., Intimate Friends: Women Who Loved Women: 1778–1928 (Chicago, 2004)

Walton, T. (ed.), Out of the Shadows: A History of the Pioneering London Gay Groups and Organisations, 1967–2000 (London, 2010)

Weeks, J., Coming Out: Homosexual Politics in Britain, from the Nineteenth Century to the Present (London, 1990)

Weeks, J., The World We Have Won: The Remaking of Erotic and Intimate Life (London, 2007) Whitaker, K., Mad Madge (London, 2003)

White, C. (ed.), Nineteenth-Century Writings on Homosexuality: A Sourcebook (London, 1999)

Whitehead, Andrew, Curious King’s Cross (2018)

Whittle, S. (ed.), The Margins of the City: Gay Men’s Urban Lives (Aldershot, 1994)

Wilson, E., The Sphinx in the City: Urban Life, the Control of Disorder, and Women (London, 1991)

Wilson, W., Love-letters between a Certain Late Nobleman and the Famous Mr. Wilson (London, 1723)

Wunderli, R. M., London Church Courts and Society on the Eve of the Reformation (Cambridge, MA, 1981)

Young, M. B., James VI and I and the History of Homosexuality (Basingstoke, 2000)

Zeikowitz, R. E., Homoeroticism and Chivalry: Discourses in Male Same-Sex Desire in the Fourteenth Century (New York, 2003)

Zimmerman, S. (ed.), Erotic Politics: Desire on the Renaissance Stage (New York, 1992)

📷 Main photo: A gay couple dancing at the Chelsea Arts New Year’s Eve Ball. Photograph by Tony Linck. London, January 1947

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