Homostash Roof Rave at Egg London

Homotash Roof Rave
Homostash Roof Rave
Sunday 8 August 2021
Venue: Egg London
This event has now closed

Homostash are planning a very chilled out roof top evening on Sunday 8 August at Egg London.

The sunny outdoor terrace will serve up world music and Arabic beats, alongside a second space playing techno sounds from some of the city’s ‘favourite’ queer DJs.

Expect world beats by Seksu, Habibtati and the Blonde Spirit, with Techno sounds by Anahita Shamsaei, Sertima, Pavliné, David Ramsay, Rozora and resident Tafkanik.

This King’s Cross event follows the Southbank’s Chosen Families event on the same day.

5pm – 12pm Midnight, adults only.

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Venue Information

Egg London
200 York Way, London, N7 9AX
Nearest Underground or Station: King's Cross / St Pancras, Caledonian Road
Nearest Buses: 390

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